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Last night

February 28, 2016
the good dino

Last night we got to hang out at our friend’s house WITHOUT Mum and Papi. We stayed up late, watched a movie, ate brownies. I really wish Mum and Papi would go on more date nights.

Tales of Texas at George Ranch

February 27, 2016

Today we went back in time at George Ranch where we experienced life of the first Anglo pioneers in the Brazos River area, back when Texas ¬†was still part of Mexico. We went to a stock farm camp out, witnessed the historic 1837 duel between Commander Albert Sidney Johnston and Junior Brigadier General Felix Huston (the Commander was shot in the hip, but survived). We attended the 1891 wedding of Elizabeth Ruth Jones to Charles McElroy. Ana was chosen to be part of the wedding party assisting the bride with her veil. After the wedding we danced and enjoyed a piece of the wedding cake and lemonade made in the 1860s Ryon Prairie home kitchen. We took the hay ride by the 1890s Davis Mansion which was very impressive and on our way spotted alligators basking in the sun by the river. We then headed to the cattle sorting pens where real life cowboys showed us how to lasso and brand cattle and we were impressed by the speed and agility of the quarter horses (called quarter horses because the breed are extremely fast sprinters, running up to 55 miles per hour … but only for a quarter of a mile). George Ranch was one of the first to export cattle up North so we also learnt about their involvement in building the early rail to the South and what they had to do to prepare the cattle for travel, including clipping the horns and putting them through arsenic baths to get rid of Southern ticks!


Texan day

February 26, 2016

To celebrate the upcoming Rodeo, all of Houston is going Texan today. Ana was very particular about the scarf over her face and if you’re wondering, yes, Adidas shorts and a rugby shirt are very cowboy – as long as you’ve got your trusty stick horse with you. Yeee har!

Big Kid School

February 25, 2016

Tonight Ana gave me a tour of big kid school. It was the first time I’d been inside which was very exciting. We ticked off all the things on the activity list, such as meeting her teacher and seeing her art work and poetry book. Ana read us a book about a dog and I helped her with a math game. We bought Ana a school hair bow from the school shop and then the best bit – choosing books from the book fair. TWO EACH – WAHOO! I got a dinosaur one and a dragon one. Ana got a mystery book and one about a pet fly. We even bought a book for Ana’s classroom which Ana got to sign her name in the inside cover. Big kid school is SO COOL!

By Rafa.

New swimmers

February 24, 2016
Swim 1

Mum: “Your new swimmers are beautiful guys!” Rafa: “Mine aren’t beautiful. They’re cool. See I’ve got surfing on mine”

swim 2

Ana: “I’ve graduated from the 301 class. And I’ve renamed the dolphin kick the mermaid kick”

Tomato Juice

February 23, 2016

Tonight we discovered that if you squeeze tomatoes really hard


Then the insides spray every where.


It’s even MORE fun when you aim it at someone else.


Clearly I have the better aim.

By Rafa.



February 21, 2016

There are two new superheroes in town:


Super Monarch


and Super Dino



February 20, 2016

After a failed attempt to join the social sampler sport at the gym (it was cancelled today) we decided to head to Costco. Always a family favorite. Our highlights, new clothes, new swimmers and these cool snack packs for lunch.

How I’ve spent my week

February 18, 2016

Hearts in a row, frogs on a log. Painting and patterns and studying S&G.

There and back again

February 16, 2016
School Ride 1

This afternoon

School Ride 2

I rode

School Ride 3

the entire way

School Ride 4

around the lake


To Ana’s School

School Ride 6.jpg

And back again.