Sabor a Pasion

We’ve just got back from a mini vacation at Sabor a Pasion in Palestine – owned and managed by Kiwi Chef Simon Webster. Who knew there was a top Kiwi Chef living in rural Texas?!? Anyway, his B&B is so tranquil and relaxing. Mum and Papi hung out on the patio whilst we ‘drove’ the tractor around the property, played chase in the vineyards and hung out with Tea (short for Aotearoa) who apparently turns into a unicorn in the full moon. We asked Simon to cook us dinner but didn’t give him specifics and we’re so glad we left it to him to surprise us: tender lamb (which had cooked all day in the pizza oven), a big salad with fresh mint from the garden and his own special dressing, fresh lobster ravioli in tomato sauce, and the dessert – wow the dessert. Rafa scoffed his entire plate before any of us had even started so Simon gave him another serving to eat with us making him #1 Chef in Rafa’s eyes.

Check this place out: Sabor a Pasion

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2 Responses to “Sabor a Pasion”

  1. Abuela Says:

    Clearly lip-licking good. Please put Sabor a Pasion on the itinerary for my next visit :-).

  2. Iggytheaviator Says:

    I am with you Rafa – that dessert looks so good!

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