My new business

I’ve started a new business. I’ve come up with a name ‘Animal Friends’; and a concept of designing pet collars. I’ve been on at Mum and Papi for days to let the government know so I’m legally registered and ready for business.


This week I’ve spent hours designing and producing my collars ready for sale. There is an American Flag design, dog bones, bubbles and gems and cartoon dogs. I even got up really early this morning to work on them before school. 

So you can imagine how distraught I was when Mum pointed out a few design flaws over breakfast. She was particularly harsh about the impracticalities of using paper and tape but I know she is right.

Ana at the pet store

So Mum and I headed off to the pet store this afternoon for some research. Not that Mum was much use at telling me what all the different materials were – but now I know what I’m looking for as soon as I convince someone to take me to a material shop. Mum and Papi are right. Having your own business is full of challenges!



3 Responses to “My new business”

  1. Bree Di Mattina Says:

    such an entrepreneur (SP?) Ana just like your Mum and Papi!


  2. Abuela Says:

    Oh come visit me, Ana. I do craft and material shops especially well. Just ask Iggy. xx

  3. Iggytheaviator Says:

    Mmmmm….. Ana (and Rafa), you are always welcome to visit Abuela – it is just the material shops that causes me a little concern.
    Good idea about the collars!

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