20 of 20, the summer bucket list is done!

Earning money!!!

This week we’ve had the chance to help mum out at the warehouse and earn some money. Mum wrote chores on the board, with how much she was willing to pay for them, so we could select which ones we wanted to do.


Rafa worked hard on Monday – taking the most valuable chores on the list and earning $4.

But then the rest of the week he decided that even though he was very interested in earning money, he wasn’t so interested in the chores.

That left more chores for me! I’ve pocketed $14 this week! Making mum coffee, printing labels and stamping boxes were my favorite tasks.


3 Responses to “20 of 20, the summer bucket list is done!”

  1. Abuela Says:

    The best bit about money is dreaming about how best you want to use it. Sometimes it’s rewarding to use money to make more money. Funny how that works, but often it does.

  2. John Faris Says:

    Well done.both of you. And I particularly like your persistence, Ana. Slow and steady often wins the race. And WOW – bucket list complete until you get another bucket.

  3. Iggytheaviator Says:

    Hi Ana, Abuella has just asked me for some cardboard cartons – just like the medium ones in the warehouse. You could bring me a coffee at the same time! Thank you!

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