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Lots of learning

March 8, 2017

A week in the life of a pre-k-er

February 1, 2017

Office fun

January 13, 2017

Fun at Pre-K while it lasts – it’s not long until big school enrollment time!

Thanksgiving dinner at the office

November 18, 2016

Just voted

November 4, 2016

Since I’m the only US citizen in the household

We love this time of year

October 28, 2016

I wore PJs to school today, and Rafa wore his Spiderman suit to the office and went early trick or treating! We love this time of year.



Apple Sauce

October 7, 2016



Sunday with Marvin

September 25, 2016



Relaxing with some books


and I’ve just finished writing up all about the weekend in Marvin’s dairy so we can report back to the others tomorrow.

Marvin is here for the weekend

September 24, 2016

It’s my turn to host our class moose for the weekend. His name is Marvin.


Mum said we haven’t got a very exciting weekend planned – but Marvin was happy to tag along


He came to the car wash place with us.


and to pick up a few things at Target.


Now he’s coming to Kids Night Out with us – he’s going to love this!


Around the globe in 80 minutes

September 22, 2016

And yes, that is vegemite sandwiches and fairy bread as our contribution in the first picture!