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A parcel from our super creative blogger friend

September 7, 2012

Last night a parcel arrived for me.  What excitement!  It was from our super creative blogger friend from Me and My 2 Guys.  Look what was inside:

A blue beanie for Rafa.

A red beanie for me.

Mum even got a beanie AND a brooch made of the same colours.

AND I’m now the extremely proud owner of a pink flower and a purple flower clip. I liked them so much I wore them in the bath and to bed. Mum says I’m not allowed to wear them to the office though because my rate of clip attrition is way too high at the office to risk taking these clips there.

We’re all set for winter.  Well, except the clothes.  But our heads will be warm and pretty.  If you are super jealous you can always contact Me and My 2 guys as she makes and sells these to order.

By Ana.





The longest day ever

April 6, 2011

I’ve just woken from the longest sleep ever after having the longest day ever so this this deserves to be my longest post ever.

Lucy and I were all smiles at Brisbane airport making new friends and with lots of space to run around.

I found two bags at the airport shops that I wanted to buy. Mum said no.

The apples were scrummy and the inflight magazines had some interesting articles.

I liked walking down the plane the best because it was easier to catch people's eyes that smiled back at me when I smiled at them. Then I would stop and chat for a while. I had a very good strike rate.

The telephone had a really cool button and when I pressed it the flight attendants would come running to see me.

I asked for a smaller headset but unbelivably they only come in one size!

So Lucy and I watched a movie without the headset whilst everyone else was sleeping. Lucy accidentally scratched Mum's face whilst she was trying to sleep. It was me that took the glasses off the man next to us though.

We had 6.5 hours to wait at LA airport so Mum, Lucy and I had a picnic on the floor and watched bags get loaded into the planes. I had a grape in my mouth when Mum took this shot!

There are no pictures of our LA to Portland leg because both Mum and I were too tired to take any.  The guy sitting next to us was happy though because he got a free wine just for sitting next to us!!  So 26 and a half hours after we left our apartment in Brisbane we walked into our new one in Portland.  Papi, Mum and I just sat by the heater in a big crumpled heap!

Of all the places to be held up for a few days…

April 3, 2011

this place sure ain't bad!

I bet we wouldn't be eating outside on the balcony if we were in Portland right now!

The last day at my office

April 1, 2011

My colleagues and I shared a special leaving lunch for my last day in my office. I'm going to miss everyone there.

Life after Diva

March 28, 2011

This is how Papi took me to my office today now that Diva has gone

It's the best mode of transport ever!

Farewelling friends

March 27, 2011

Papi was looking very Australian at the barbie

Mum was looking a bit Aussie too

All us kids were pleased we were at the park

Sara and I particularly enjoyed the park xylophone

I borrowed Agus' scooter but I wasn't sure how to make it go

It was such a nice send off

Thank you all for coming

Paddy’s day parade

March 12, 2011

After our run and brekky this morning we went to have a look at all the old cars lining up for the St Paddy's day parade.

The 1937 Rolls Royce was our favourite. It was hand made for a very wealthy French woman and was the most magnificent car I've ever seen. Her side of the cab included a mirror and an inbuilt compartment for her specially made silver combs and brushes (still in the car). Her husband's side had a cigar compartment. There was a one way intercom to speak to the driver and servant stools too.

Mum said this is the closest we're going to get to one. It's worth a million bucks!

There were all sorts of other interesting sights at the parade.

The running melons

March 6, 2011

The three of us ran in a fun run today as part of Team Seedless Watermelon (I even got a matching team shirt!)

Papi and the other runnerts took off first, Mum, me and the other walkers took off 10 minutes later.

Watermelon at the finish line was a perfect reward.

Mum thought the coffee at brunch was an even better way to finish.

The last day of summer

February 28, 2011

It is the last day of summer today and I wanted to get out of the house and make the most of the last of the summer sunshine.  I know I need my sunnies and hat on in the sun so I was trying to put them on but Mum makes it look a lot easier than it is!  At least I’ll have a second summer this year to get it right.

My new howdah

February 13, 2011

Today we tried out my new howdah on our family trek at the Glass House Mountains an hour north of Brisbane.

It was a very comfortable ride around Mt Beerwah in the morning.

Papi tickled my toes as we trecked on the lookout loop in the afternoon. I returned the favour by singing to him the whole way.

I had a much bigger audience to sing to at the Lookout Cafe in Beerburrum.