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Our new favourite book

July 7, 2016

We got the summer reading pack from school and finished the last chapter of our last book tonight. We’re kind of sad about that because the last one we read has become our new favourite book: Dory Fantasmagory. I hope we can read it again next week. (I also love Nanny Piggins which came with the pack too)

Library morning

June 15, 2016

My school library is open on certain days over the summer so Mum and I cycled up there this morning and checked out a few books. I even got my hands on the brand new Piggie and Elephant book that just came in last week. I also selected a 2×2 chapter book and a story about a Panda and donuts which I can read to Rafa.

Book choices

April 15, 2016

We’re always excited to choose books from the book fair.


First choice: Star Wars (I’ve been eyeing that up all week). Second selection ‘The Three Ninja Pigs’ by Corey Rosen Schwartz.


First choice: Another ‘Princess in Black’. That’s a chapter book. Second choice: ‘Goatilocks and the Three Bears’. We have that one at school and it’s really funny.

The best day of the week

April 11, 2016

Is always the one when you get a parcel in the mail


Oh! It’s from Grandpa John and Jennifer!!!


Great! A book! We LOVE books!


And this story is set in New Zealand and is about a REAL boat!


Thanks Grandpa John and Jennifer!




March 31, 2016

choosing a favourite book for favourite book day is really hard.


But I went with “If you give a mouse a cookie” because I like cookies too.


Catch That Cookie

January 7, 2016

Since I belong to the school birthday book club, today I got to choose a book for the school library and show it to everyone on the morning school announcements (which is like being on tv, and so that was actually more fun than choosing the book in the first place because now everybody knows me).


I’m also allowed to be the first person to check it out. It’s a great book. Mum is going to read it to my class when she comes in for parent reader time tomorrow.