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What to do on a cold, wet, Oregon night

October 15, 2012

Just like that, Oregon summer is over.  It’s cold, wet and dark.  No soccer in the back yard or a trip over the road to the letter box tonight.

Mum turned the couch into a giant double bed and Papi found Kung Fu Panda 2 in Spanish on the Latin American channel.

I had pears.

And Rafa fell asleep.

By Ana.

A new cancion

May 2, 2012

I’ve spent the day with Lulu learning new songs.  This is my favourite:

Que tiene en la sopa del bebe?  Que tiene en la sopa del bebe?

Sera que tiene espinaca.  Sera que tiene vaca.

Which means:

What is in the baby’s soup?  What is in the baby’s soup?

There will be spinach.  There will be beef.

But then we started making crazy soup blends and Lucy, my Dora shoes and I ended up in the soup!

“My Lulu” teaching me new songs.

This is the song she taught me last time we were in Argentina.

By Ana.

Buen viaje

January 5, 2012

Aunty VJ leaves for Mexico tomorrow so we thought it fitting to farewell her over a Mexican dinner.  We took her to On The Border where we celebrated Cinco de Mayo last year.  Aunty VJ thought the enchiladas and mojitos were fantastic!  I devoured my arroz con pollo.  We all rolled out of the restaurant as full as a piñata.

Los Pollitos indoors

October 2, 2011


Los Pollitos (my Spanish speaking play group) played indoors today.

We read books (in Spanish, of course)

and played some music (which didn't resemble anything Spanish at all!)

and what we always do best . . . eat!

Other good times with Los Pollitos here, here and here.

Nuestros cuentos

September 25, 2011

Mum and Papi thought they were taking me to watch Nuestros Cuentos (Our Stories) little did they know I was going to be on stage for the entire show!

Lucy and I warmed up the crowd before Viva la Cultura! took to the stage.

Fortunately I never had to get off the stage! The performers gave me a maraca so I could perform with them. I even put Lucy down on my seat between Mum and Papi so I could concentrate on keeping the beat.

And I helped tell the story of the mariposa by waving my paper mariposa at the appropriate times in the story.

The fiesta at the end was the best bit. We invited even more people up on stage and followed Rebecca's lead, twirling around with our hands waving in the air.

We were at Nuestros Cuentos (Our Stories) as part of La Luna Nueva (The New Moon) Festival of Hispanic Arts and Culture at the Miracle Theatre.

Vamos de paseo

September 2, 2011

We’re going on a little trip somewhere today so as we packed up our bags we sang the ‘Going on a Trip’ song.  You’ll find out where we’re going tomorrow.  I don’t even know.  It’s a surprise for me too!

For a translation to the song, go here.


August 15, 2011

Most of the time I speak English, but I always ask Papi for water in Spanish – just so he understands.

Out with Los Pollitos

July 31, 2011

We had another afternoon with Los Pollitos, our Spanish speaking play group.

There was a nice play area for us kids which was fun until I discovered that running off and getting behind the bar was much more fun.

Mum and Papi ordered salad so I had to steal Teresa's garlic french fries for something decent to eat.

Spanish play time

July 5, 2011

Mum and I went to Isobel’s clubhouse with some of the people we met at Los Pollitos on Sunday for some play time in Spanish.

I wanted to choose the next story before Janet had even finished "Oso Verde"

It was such a nice day we went to play outside too. There were giant frogs in the playground that Mum and I were trying to turn into princes.

Los Pollitos (chicks)

July 3, 2011

We’ve joined Los Pollitos which is a Spanish speaking playgroup.  Today was our first get together with them.

We played for a bit.

ate some watermelon.

played some more.

ate some more.

played some more. I think I like this group.