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5 eco craft ideas for kids

May 26, 2013

It’s a slightly bleak, no-prior-plans Sunday.  What better than to try some of these craft ideas from Vistaprint?

Craft ideas for kids are endless. Something can be crafted into just about anything. Look at every single thing you come across to see whether it can be recycled and reused into something crafty. By encouraging your kids to use recycled items when making eco crafts, you are also encouraging them to be aware of the environment and to take care when disposing rubbish. You are also teaching them to look at things differently. Eco awareness should begin at a very young age.

Stone Alphabet

Collect smooth round stones approximately 3cm in size. Wash and dry the stones thoroughly. Using acrylic paint, paint letters of the alphabet on each stone. If room permits, a decorative edge can be painted around the outer edge of the stone. Leave for a day to dry and paint or spray with a sealer. These stones can be used to spell out your child’s name or help with doing spelling activities.

Stone collecting in a break in the rain.  I don't quite have enough for the alphabet yet.

We collected stones from around the garden but I still have a few more to collect before I have enough for the whole alphabet.

Bottle Cap Collage

Collect plastic bottle caps of various sizes and colours. Cut a solid piece of cardboard into a shape such as a circle, square or heart. Thin pieces of craft wood already cut to shape can also be used. Attach string or ribbon for hanging once finished. Paint the surface of the shape and allow to dry completely. Glue the caps, top side down onto the shape. Mix up the sizes and colours for effectiveness.

The lids were being swiped faster than I could glue them onto my flower!

The lids to baby food squeezy pouches make a great flower.  The trickiest part was to stop them being swiped which was happening faster than I could glue them on!

Knock Em Downs

Wash and dry thoroughly 6 empty tin cans from products like baked beans, vegetables, etc. All cans must be of the same size. Turn cans upside down and paint the entire can and base one colour and leave to dry. A funny face can then be painted on each can and sprayed with sealer when dry. Cans are then stacked in staggered rows with the base pointing upward. A great game can then be played by bowling a ball at the cans.

We play knock em down with empty milk cartons and a mini soccer ball

We play Knock Em Downs with empty milk cartons and a mini soccer ball.  The whole family likes this game.


Use clean large jars to grow your herbs. Put a layer of small stones in the base of the jar for drainage, top with good quality soil about a third of the way up and top with another thin layer of stones. Plant a herb in this terrarium and watch it grow. A piece of flexible wire can be twisted around the neck of the jar to make a handle.

Mum didn't have any potting mix so we used water to make vases for our garden flowers.  I was so proud of them.  Mum said they can go on the dining room table.

Mum didn’t have any potting mix so we used water to make vases for our garden flowers. I was so proud of them. Mum said they can go on the dining room table.

Bottle Cap Stamps

Collect plastic bottle caps from milk and soft drink bottles. Glue on the top of the cap foam shapes. The foam needs to be the condensed thin foam and not the spongy type foam. Using an ink pad, these stamps can be used to decorate just about anything.

Stamping a multicoloured 'A' for Ana.

Stamping a multicoloured ‘A’ for Ana.

As well as making collages, stamps and toys from recycled items, there are many other things that can be made. Discarded paper can be made into notebooks and children can also use eco ideas to clothe themselves. Statement custom tees can be designed online with the help of your child. Bags, hoodies and caps with environmental messages can also be designed online. Ask your child what other eco crafts they can think of. This is a good way to develop their skills and also make them aware of their surroundings and the endless array of items that can be used in eco crafts.

Author Bio: Jessica is a stay a home mum and when her kids are at school she loves the art of flower arranging in her spare time. She loves sharing her tips and tricks with other fellow green thumbs and creating arts and craft ideas for her kids.