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My concentration face

October 22, 2015

Rafa tongue

My favourite things

April 4, 2014
In my favourite shirt, eating from my favourite plate with my favourite buddy, Carlos.

In my favourite shirt, eating from my favourite orange plate with my favourite buddy, Carlos.

Favourite colour: Definitely orange.  I always chose the orange plate for breakfast, the orange hula hoop at gymnastics and the orange car in “Yellow is my Favourite Colour”.

Favourite toy: Dusty the Crop Duster, Thomas the tank engine and various other cars and trucks.

Favourite shirt: Dusty the Crop Duster.

Favourite game to play in the car: “I see a school bus, Mummy!”  and a close variation, “I see a big truck, Mummy!”

Favourite hobby: You all know this one!  Any sport that requires a ball.  Soccer is the favourite of all but basket ball and throw and catch are up there too.

Favourite foods: this is tricky because as a general rule, I like food.  The top items, however would be yoghurt, bananas, raisins, melon, berries, rice and pasta dishes and Mum’s beef stew.  Oh and pizza and cookies.  I love pizza and cookies but for some reason I only ever get them at other people’s houses.

Favourite cartoon character: Mini Mouse (I just like to call her Mini).  Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates would be a close second.  The fact that they are also my two favourite yoghurt flavours help.

Favourite friends: Carlos and Ana Lucia.  Depending on my mood.


Shoe fetish

May 22, 2013
I'll take any shoe.

I’ll take any shoe.

From any where.

From any where.

At any time.

At any time.

It's so narrow minded to think they are only for feet.

It’s so narrow minded to think shoes are only for feet.

Mind where you leave your shoes!

By Rafa.