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Uncle Billy has no mates, but the Olympic flame went right on by

July 27, 2012

Our Uncle, Billy has had an exciting morning.  The Olympic flame went right past his cafe!  (Check out “Billy No Mates Cafe” in the background of the photo).  Our uncle might have no mates but he sure does have great coffee and croissants and he’s opened until late so hungry Londoners and Olympic visitors alike don’t need to go hungry (or thirsty after 5pm).  If you are in London and want to become one of Billy’s mates so you can get mates rates comment below or email us and we’ll tell you how.

The flame procession right in front of our uncle’s cafe.

Billy No Mates is located at 4-5 North End Parade, West Kensington, W14 0SJ.  Ph 0203 6327 151.

By Billy's niece and nephew.