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Arcade fun

January 2, 2019

Especially the bumper cars!!!!

Sunday family funday

October 23, 2016

At the movies!! (followed by The Rain Forest Cafe).

Racing at Agave Rio

August 28, 2016


A night at the Astros game

July 23, 2016
Astros 1

Daddy and daughter date

Astros 4

With my friend Murray and his dad.

Astros 5

Los Angeles Angels vs Houston Astros

Astros 6

With all the entertainment and fun that comes with the game.

Astros 2

I don’t know much about the game – but I do know is Daddy- Daughter dates rock!

The Secret Life of Pets

July 10, 2016


July 3, 2016
summertime at Lifetime

Summer time!

We spent most of the afternoon on those BIG slides behind us in the picture. Ana alternated between the closed and the open one. I managed to stretch myself sufficiently to be allowed (just!) on the open one and – I got good at flying leap starts so I could zoom down pretending I was a race car driver. Best summer ever!

By Rafa.

Angry Birds

June 5, 2016

Not so summery first day of summer

June 3, 2016

It’s a wet start to summer!


Mum and I went out for lunch in a break in the rain, but sitting outside wasn’t a good idea because it started bucketing down before I finished my soup!


So we went to the library


and checked out some books.


then off for a mani


and pedi. Maybe a wet start to summer isn’t so bad after all!


Having fun at Kroger

October 27, 2015

Having fun at Kroger_0001


October 15, 2015
We've got tattoos!

We’ve got tattoos!

Henna ones.

Henna ones.

with purple sparkles.

with purple sparkles.

Rafa chose just to have basic henna

Rafa chose a spider like design

with no sparkly bits

with no sparkly bits