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Parque de la Salud

January 7, 2019

We spotted lots of ginormous snails, cicadas, mangoes and other interesting living things in Parque de la Salud. The perfect way to spend the morning before our long flight home.

San Bernardino

January 5, 2019

Spending the day in San Bernardino has been special. It’s a holiday destination and Papi remembers coming here when he was about Rafa’s age. It’s also where the boys’ parents met as teenagers and got married and where they go in the weekend to relax at the family lake house. We swam, played games, relaxed and came back to town with a big bag full of mangoes!


January 4, 2019

We got up really, really early this morning and Tio Pablo drove us all morning to get across the border to our friend’s house in AsunciĆ³n.

Pati and Julio went to Mum and Papi’s wedding in Brisbane and the four of them were really happy to catch up.

While the oldies chatted we played with Enzo, Elias and Carlos in the park across the road and around their beautiful house designed and constructed by their mum!