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March 7, 2017

Our rodeo field trip was awesome! We fed the chickens, collected the eggs, milked the cows, harvested the corn and tomatoes and drove a tractor. I got $2 for my hard work on the farm, which I spent at the grocery store on a fruit roll up. I came home with sunflower seeds, animal fact cards and a big smile on my face!

Retriever Dash Fun(draiser)

February 9, 2017

We raised $40,000 for the school today – thanks to my sponsors for helping me reach my goal.

100 days of school

January 31, 2017


Honor Roll

January 6, 2017


Using 15 of my 23 dojo points

November 15, 2016

We get dojo points at school for good behavior which we can spend on a Friday purchasing things from the treasure box or gaining extra privileges. The Friday past I spent 15 whole dojo points so I could bring Lucy to school today. She loved it so it was totally worth it.


We love this time of year

October 28, 2016

I wore PJs to school today, and Rafa wore his Spiderman suit to the office and went early trick or treating! We love this time of year.



The book fair

October 27, 2016

Mismatch day

October 26, 2016


Rodeo day

October 14, 2016

Hey y’all from the wild, wild, West!

National bike to school day

October 5, 2016

Mum and I enjoy our morning bike ride to school around the lake every morning, but on National Bike to School Day, it’s even more fun.