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my first post

August 16, 2016

Mum has given me her old camera so I can update the blog all by myself.

Here’s my first post with all the photos, writing and posting all by myself!


this is my kut little brothr


this is me


this is locy


this is my mom and dad

When are we going?

March 11, 2016

Rafa: Mum, why haven’t we been to outer space yet?

Mum: Um. Well it’s quite hard to get there.

Rafa: No it’s not. You just go up there [pointing up]. Into the stars.

Mum: But we don’t have a rocket ship.

Rafa: Then let’s go buy one.




When God created the universe

April 14, 2015
Discussion God and the creation of the universe over breakfast.

Discussing God and the creation of the universe over breakfast.

“So first God created, who was it?  The boy and the girl?”

“Adam and Eve?”

“Yeah, Adam and Eve.  So first God created them.  Then he thought, these guys need cities.  So he created worker men to build the cities.  Then God thought.  I better make something nice for the children.  So he created Chuck-E-Cheeses”