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Movie on the hill

March 3, 2017

Singing Elf

December 2, 2016

Today we went to sing to the old people. We sang Jingle Bells, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. I sang very loudly and they liked that very much.

M&M math

November 21, 2016

It took us 2 seconds to work out which math cards to re-create with M&Ms! We’d like to do some more math, mom!

My play and Papi’s party

November 14, 2016

My theater group put on their show today – I was a parrot with a bit of a rock n roll attitude. I even had a solo song!

After the show we went out to dinner to celebrate Papi’s birthday.


I doubt any other night this week is going to top tonight!

Gifts from Barbie

October 12, 2016

Mom’s friend Barbie has arrived from Spain and she brought gifts! Colored pencils and paper and stationary and….


and socks!


Math wars and ~ap words

September 14, 2016

Playing grade one math war – Rafa is a great opponent!


And listing all the -ap words I can think of. Mum suggested the first one I thought of might not be a great choice for my school test. I don’t know why – she uses that word the whole time.

My community building

September 13, 2016

Everyone in first grade is making a building which we will put together to collaboratively create a community.


I made a school. It’s pink, with a fox mascot. Of course.

Meet the teacher night

August 18, 2016

Also known as Mum does the paperwork whilst I put away the school supplies night!


August 5, 2016

Mini golf morning, beach afternoon

August 3, 2016

This morning we all packed into the Kiwi Importer mobile and headed out for….

18 holes of mini golf!

A heap of fun – but after 18 holes we were ready to cool off.


and so headed back to our regular spot at the beach.