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Going home

July 13, 2013

We left Bandon shortly after breakfast and headed North, time to go home.  It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for repeated games of “veo, veo” (a Spanish version of “I Spy”).  We stopped for lunch and a run around at a park soon after we hit the I5 where the local residents were wanting to share our lunch.  Ana was a little scared, but I wanted to go and play with them.

The first picnic table we choose was a little too popular with the local park residents.

They didn’t get the hint when we swapped tables on the other side of the park.

About an hour from home Mum passed us back some Larabars, followed a short while later by wipes.  We were entertained by that until we were pulling up to our house mid afternoon.

V Rafa face

V Rafa wipe 1

V Rafa wipe 2

Now Ana has gone from pink Princess dress to white ballet tutu to Snow White gown checking they are all still as she had left them and I’m going through the ball box making sure they’re all still present and accounted for.

By Rafa.

Coquille river, the lighthouse and the beach

July 12, 2013

We can see the Coquille River lighthouse from our side of the river.

V lighthouse distance

And so thought we’d pop over to Bullard’s Beach State Park to have a closer look.  It was built in 1896 and is open to the public.  It’s amazing to think that safe shipping in the late 1800s and early 1900s depended on a lighthouse keeper, his lights and fog horns.

V lighthouse close up

Rafa and I weren’t allowed up to the light because the lady was worried we wouldn’t be able to climb the 12 foot ladder at the end (I reckon I could!) but anyway, we went down to play on the beach instead where we enjoyed the sea “breeze”, dug holes with sticks and found a little hut someone had built out of the drift wood.

V beach 2

v beach 1

V beach 3

A perfect, relaxing, sunny last day to our summer holiday.

By Ana.






Washed ashore

July 11, 2013

Washed Ashore is a super cool Bandon based art project where volunteers pick up plastic beach debris, take it to the Artula institute of art, clean it, sort it, cut it and turn it into giant sea sculptures.  In the first year more than 500 community volunteers have been involved, over 20 miles of beach have been cleaned, over 7,000 lbs of beach rubbish collected and all of it has been turned into art. 

Rafa and I loved that we were allowed to interact with the sculptures.  We could run through the jellyfish as they were spun around us.  I checked out Henry’s (the fish’s) teeth, Mum walked underneath an oil spill, Papi strolled through whale bones and Rafa played the musical star fish.


12 white seal

12 jellyfish

12 star fish

12 brown seal

Mum and I spent some time in the workshop.  There were a number of tables set up with different current projects.  Mum and I made fluffy white puffin feathers and red, white and blue star fish scales following the specified patterns.  When the star fish is finished it will go to live in the aquarium in San Antonio.  It would be amazing to see it there one day knowing that we made a few of its scales!

12 workshop 1

12 workshop 2

12 workshop 3

If you’re in Bandon this is a must see (although I gather some of the pieces are travelling and the project is expanding so check out the website).  The admission and workshops are free and there are also great souvenirs to buy which help fund the project.  Mum bought some stainless steel lunch boxes as a step to reduce our plastic.

By Ana.

The Old Town of Bandon

July 10, 2013

This is the view from my bedroom at the Sea Star Guesthouse in Bandon.

11 downstairs view

And this is the view from Mum and Papi’s bed.

11 upstairs view

Not surprisingly, none of us got out of Mum and Papi’s bed until 8am. We enjoyed a long, leisurely breakfast and then headed to the Port of Bandon for a stroll and to admire all the art and sculptures. 

11 Port of Bandon

11 Rafa at port of Bandon

11 whale riding

We headed into the shops to escape the wind and cold and ended up purchasing and extrememly tacky, plasticky windchime.  I think me breaking it in the shop had something to do with how we ended up with that.  All of a sudden the shopping excursion was over and we were back having an afternoon nap at our seaside cabin.  Tough break.  The plan is to head back down to the port for fresh fish for dinner tonight.  I think I better be on my best behaviour or I’ll be sleeping in the dog house.

By Rafa.

From unsuccessful elk hunter to finding my feet as a paleontologist

July 9, 2013

Today we travelled from Trinidad, back over state lines, to Bandon in southern Oregon.  On the way we tried to spot a few elks.  Apparently the world’s largest Roosevelt elk herds hang around this area.  We checked out their known hangouts.  The old school house in Orick (pictured), the Elk Meadows at Gold’s Bluff, the nearby beaches and the lagoons.  We even tuned into Am 1610, the official wild elk spotting station.  Apparently they are everywhere… but we couldn’t find any.  Papi thought they must be out having bacon and eggs so we went and did the same thing.  Whilst our elk hunting skills were somewhat lacking, we did enjoy some spectacular road trip views (also pictured).

10 Elk hunting

10 view

 About 50 minutes before we reached Bandon we arrived at the Prehistoric Gardens where I turned my hand to paleontology and unlike elk hunting, here I excelled.  I took charge of the map and led Mum, Papi and Rafa on the tour telling fun facts about each dinosaur as we went around.  I loved this park so much I did the loop twice.  Check out my video at the end talking about my favourite dinosaur.

10 map

10 T rex

10 dino 1

10 dino 2

10 dino 3

By Ana.  Paleontologist, age 3.

Wildlife Images

July 5, 2013

Wildlife Images started off as a place to photograph wild animals (hence the name) but is now a rehabilitation and education centre where sick, injured or orphaned wild animals come to hospital or become a permanent resident.  Just this morning an owl and a racoon came in from car accidents (I don’t think either of them were driving). 

Several of the residents are past pets (later their adopted families realising it’s a bad idea to keep a wild animal at home) and there are even a few retired Hollywood stars there.  The only way to visit is by a tour but the tour was great.  We learnt all about different types of birds, badgers, racoons, bears, cougars and wolves.

6 watching the otta

6 otta

6 Ana bird watching

6 eagle

6 Rafa

6 Grey wolves

6 Ana and the bear

6 grizzly

By Ana and Rafa.

Jacksonville and the 4th July Picnic

July 4, 2013

We celebrated the 4th July in Jacksonville which was the first town to be named a National Historic Landmark.  Jacksonville was established in 1851 and the most of the buildings in their main street were built that decade.  In 1859 it was the largest town in Oregon with a population of 10,000.  Today the 2,800 people who live their do a great job at maintaining it’s mid 19th century beginnings.  We toured the town on the Jacksonville Trolley and learnt a bit about it’s history and the mix of people from all over the world who came their for the gold rush.

5 Jacksonville

5 Jacksonville 1

5 Jacksonville Trolley

Then we joined the locals at their 4th July picnic in front of the courthouse.  That was a lot of fun, especially the dunk tank and watermelon.  We made new friends and enjoyed the BBQ put on by the council.

5 picnic

5 Rafa watermelon

5 dunk cage

5 dunk tank 2

5 family

By Ana.

McKenzie River to Rogue River

July 3, 2013

This morning we said goodbye to our cabin and the sprinklers at Horse Creek Lodge

4 cabin

L1 Sprinklers

L1 sprinklers 2

 Then we headed 3.5 hours South West to Rogue River stopping along the way for a river side picnic.

4 picnic

We arrived at on new cabin at Weasku Inn early afternoon, just in time to throw a few stones into the Rogue River and eat the ice out of Mum and Papi’s champagne bucket.

4 throwing stones

4 ice 2

We better get into the bath and our PJs now because we heard this place serves complimentary cookies and milk before bed!

By Ana and Rafa.

Clear Lake

July 2, 2013
Clear Lake is about half an hour from our cabin.  We hired a row boat there this morning.

Clear Lake is about half an hour from our cabin. We hired a row boat there this morning.

But Rafa wasn’t keen on the idea (well, he liked the idea of the boat, just not the life jacket).  So Papi and I went out for a while whilst Mum and Rafa played on the dock.

3 Papi and Ana close

3 Papi and Ana mid

3 Papi and Ana distance

Rafa was much happier about the picnic in the woods with lake views.

3 lunchtime

3 Rafa pointing at lunch

3 Rafa at lunch

By Ana.

Horse Creek and Belknap Springs

July 1, 2013
After breakfast on our cabin deck we took a stroll through the woods to Horse Creek.

After breakfast outside we took a stroll through the woods by our cabin to Horse Creek.

We found a little access way to the water and discussed how we were going to cross to the island.

We found a little access way to the water and discussed how we were going to cross to the island.

It was a good thing our plans comprised Mum carrying Ana and Papi carrying me because the water was FAH-REEZING!

It was a good thing our plans comprised Mum carrying Ana and Papi carrying me because the water was FAH-REEZING!

On the island we threw rocks in the water and Papi gave Mum and I flowers for our hair.

On the island we threw rocks in the water and Papi gave Mum and I flowers for our hair.

In the afternoon we went to Belknap Springs.  It was like a really big spa pool and we couldn't stay in it long.  We thought $7 each entrance fee was a little steep but it was still fun and then we went for another trail hike on the Belknap springs ground.  This time in the pram because both Ana and I were exhausted!

In the afternoon we went to Belknap Springs. It was like a giant spa pool and really hot.  Whilst $7 each entrance fee was a little steep we spent the rest of the afternoon hiking the trails on the Springs grounds but Ana and I “hiked” from the luxury of the pram because we were exhausted!

Now Papi is attending to his fire to cook our chicken whilst we're running through the sprinklers!  This road trip just keeps getting better.

On the island we threw rocks in the water and Papi gave Mum and I flowers for our hair.

By Rafa.