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Have a happy day!

Ana Lucia

8 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Leisa Says:

    Hi Ana and Sarah, Great blog!! I loved it so much I’ve subscribed … love the adventures you two get up to … swimming shots are great!! Is that the spring hill one? Have you been happy with them so far?

    Anyway what a great memory of your travels Ana and a lovely way for Papi see you everyday and learn about all your adventures!!

    • Ana Says:

      Hi! Great to hear from you. Yes, it’s at the Spring Hill Baths. We go to the 10am Saturday class. There’s 3 of us. The littlest girl in the class is 4 months and the big girl in the class is 1 year old. I’m the middlest. It’s $15 / session and you pay by the month with $30 ‘bond’ that you get back when you don’t want to go anymore. You should come and join us! Hope to see you soon.

      • Leisa Says:

        Ana thank you for the head up re: swimming!! When do you leave on the big Jet? Olivia wants to have you over for tea/coffee if you have time one day or perhaps even a catch up in the park somewhere?

      • Ana Says:

        I’d love to come over to see Olivia. We could this afternoon, or Wednesday afternoon? Otherwise next week?

  2. Leisa Says:

    Uh Oh … my silly Mama was waiting for your reply via her email account :(, only just discovered it now!! Let start again what about Monday at 11ish?

  3. Leisa Says:

    Hi Ana and Sarah, We’ve been busy over here with Mummy at work as much as she can and me spending time with Granna and Ma Ma!! I see that you’ve tried the day care thing out – must be great with all the other kids!!

    I would love to have a catch up soon – if you can fit it in? Sounds like Mum is back at work? Lxx

    • Ana Says:

      Yep Mum is working, but only Monday and Friday from the office and the other days part time at home so one of those ‘middle’ days are good to get out of the house and catch up if that suits you and your Mum?

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