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Hasn’t Santa got a factory to run?

November 6, 2010

I would have thought Santa’s toy factory would be in peak production at this time of year, but instead of supervising extra shifts he’s in Brisbane, galavanting around in his red, elf driven, mini cooper convertible sleigh – 7 weeks out from Christmas!  It’s a good thing he’s got lots of friends and helpers to assist him!

Some of Santa's helpers gave out red and green balloons at the Queen St Mall

I held onto my balloon with both hands so I didn't loose it

Kung Fu Panda gave me a big smile and a wave

The bands played very LOUD music

Santa arrived in his red, elf driven, mini cooper convertible sleigh

More fun in our big backyard

July 13, 2010

Today we went up and down and up and down on the big seesaw, played pirates on the big green ship and went WHOOSH down the big slide in our big backyard.

Wrapped in winter woollies

June 9, 2010

I promised to show you more of Brisbane wrapped up by those guerrilla knitters, so here goes…

The bollards on the Goodwill Bridge have beanies.

Giant balls of wool have rolled into Reddacliffe Place.

The statues in King George Square will be warm.

The warmest loos in town are at Kings Park.

to see other warmly wrapped sculptures go here.

Racing Italian waiters

May 28, 2010

Mum and I were having an afternoon stroll through The Queen Street Mall when a swarm of racing Italian waiters carrying wine on their trays rushed by.  It was part of Italian Week and a very odd thing to see on an afternoon walk!

City beach

May 20, 2010

Brisbane turned on yet another glorious winter morning, the kind that begs for a stroll along the river.  Mum and I stopped for a while at the South Bank city beach to watch the birds.  We snuggled under the shade of a palm tree with our toes buried in white sand.  Life is sooooo good.

The big cat

April 27, 2010

The city cat is such a great way to get around Brisbane.  Mum and I went to have coffee with some other mums and babies today at Watt café in New Farm.  We took the city cat there and ran along the river back.   Our two favourite ways of getting around Brisbane used in the one day.

More on the Powerhouse at New Farm here.

The Mum’s group was originated from the free clinic at the New Farm Pharmacy.


April 21, 2010

Mum is a fruit and vegetable addict and has decided instead of eating the same salad veges each week, it’s time to get a bit more variety into our tummies (especially since I’m not going to eat puree lettuce!)  So today, our new regime began with our first Food Connect box.  Since Dad is away, we just got a mini box but we have a gourmet box on order for next week.  When we got home we looked on the website to read about which farms contributed: The sprouts are from The Burow’s, our corn is from Greg Alexander’s farm and our dragon fruit was grown by Bernice Danahay.  Now all we need are some more good vege recipes – any suggestions?

A game of dice

April 19, 2010

Mum spotted this sign outside Ciao Bella at Macarthur Central today and bolted in to try her luck.  With the right shake of the cup and a lucky blow on the dice Mum rolled a 6 and won a free coffee – nice!

An aside: did you know the reason why people blow on dice before they roll it comes from a way of cheating.  It works by putting a clear sticky substance on the underside which is activated by the moisture in the breath.  (I can vouch for Mum that she didn’t cheat though!)

Babies, books and nursery rhymes

April 16, 2010

Sara and Cata at 'Babies, books and nursery rhymes'

Here’s a cool thing for Brisbane babies to do: the Brisbane City Council libraries put on a free weekly ‘babies, books and rhymes’ class for under 2s.  I went with my friend Sara and her Mum Cata.  They’ve been trying to teach Mum and I some Spanish nursery rhymes.  These ones were all in English but you can tell when Mum can’t remember them because some she sings with such gusto and others she’s just quietly singing “la, la, la” thinking I don’t notice the difference!

Our big backyard

March 30, 2010

The Brisbane City Gardens are only a block away from our house and is one of our regular walking spots.  The pond by the park entrance is covered in beautiful big pink flowers at the moment and looks magical.  Today we visited some of my friends there.  Iris the Ibis, Liz the Lizard and Debbie the Duck all came up to the path to hang out with me.  Does anyone know who the black bird with the red nose is (top right hand side of the picture below)?  She didn’t come over to say hello and Mum doesn’t know what kind of bird she is so we were just wondering so we can introduce ourselves next time.