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Our last night in DR (pretty much what we did every night!)

December 1, 2014
Then off to the bar with whatever activity Mum had packed.

Pre dinner drinks at the bar with whatever activity Mum had packed.

Hanging out after dinner.

Hanging out after dinner.

Here we are in the kids' show.

Here we are in the kids’ show.

And by far the best bit… those little cocktail cherries.

That stuff was all fun, for sure, but by far the best bit was those little cocktail cherries.

Definitely the best bit.

Definitely the best bit.

By Rafa.

Cherry harvest

June 20, 2012

We thought the best way to harvest our cherry tree was for  Papi to hold me up, me to do the picking and Mum to collect them in the bowl.

But I could only reach the fruit on the bottom branches and the sampling rate was around 90%.

So Papi decided to make a tool out of a broom handle and a wire coat hanger to get the cherries that were out of our reach.

It was my job to collect them in the bowl.  Whilst we were managing to accumulate cherries at this stage (Mum was also picking the ones within her reach), we gave Papi’s tool a 10/10 for creativity but only a 3/10 for practicality.

Mum went and got the step stool. Papi stood on top to do the picking and I was helping Papi to stay on.

Papi said I was more help holding the bowl.

I was getting tired of just holding the bowl.

Being up on the step ladder doing the picking was much more fun.

But I didn’t anticipate the fast descent and the rough landing. Nothing that a kiss from Papi and a bowl full of cherries couldn’t fix.

By Ana.