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What?!? No berries!

August 30, 2012

For the last few months when we’ve been at Kim and Justin’s for potluck I’ve gone berry picking around the back of the house.  First we had strawberries and then raspberries, and then came the blueberries but tonight… nothing!

So instead I went to visit the chickens, but they didn’t even invite me inside!

So I went around to the back of the hen house where the eggs normally are but Justin had already collected them.

Thank goodness I found some cherry tomatoes in the garden. I was supposed to be sharing them but whenever they were moved to another part of the table I just moved around with them.

To see what Kim cooked, go here.

By Ana.

The empty room

December 1, 2011

At pot luck tonight I discovered an empty room, empty except for this one stick.

But the empty room had a cupboard. Suddenly the room wasn't so empty any more.

It just required a bit of rearranging.

The bright yellow yoga mat should go here. I even gave the new location a test run.

And the green yoga mat works well over here.

There we go. The room is looking much better now! I hope Kim and Justin like my arrangement.


October 27, 2011

Abuela sent me these really cool shoes all the way from New Zealand.  They are black with bright coloured polka dots.

My new favourite shoes. They don't quite outrank my boots... but they come pretty close!

Anyway, I have even more exciting news than that!  Today Papi was pulling out old bags from the spare room closet looking for a replacement computer bag and I found this bag that matches the colours in the shoes perfectly!  Then I realised that my polka dot hat looks fab with the polka dots on the shoes.  And Lucy, well, she goes with everything.

Mum says maybe I should be her fashion consultant. I wonder how much she pays?

My passion for shoes did get me in a little bit of trouble tonight.  We were out at potluck and when we got home we got a phone call from our hosts because the other guests couldn’t find their shoes.  I forgot to tell them that I had neatly put them all ‘away’ in the bookshelf.

Los Pollitos indoors

October 2, 2011


Los Pollitos (my Spanish speaking play group) played indoors today.

We read books (in Spanish, of course)

and played some music (which didn't resemble anything Spanish at all!)

and what we always do best . . . eat!

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Hula hoops

September 8, 2011

Who wants to play hula?

I had to show Papi and Evan how to wiggle their hips.

Hula solo was lots of fun.

But hula duo was MORE fun.

Fun until someone almost looses an eye that is.

Catching grapes

August 25, 2011

After potluck dinner it was time to go around the table and be social with the other guests.  This had the fortunate outcome of fruit for dessert.

Which I had to catch first.

s t r e t c h


got it!

Argh! Dropped it!

Kiwi cooking for Portland potluck

August 19, 2011

It’s Kim’s birthday today so the weekly potluck last night turned into an impromptu birthday party.

We took a carrot cake as a birthday treat. Alex and Georgia were enlisted as chief cooks which was fortunate for everyone at potluck. Mum did eventually find the one and only cake tin in the house. She better get the hang of this cake baking thing before my birthday rolls around.

After we polished off dinner we sung happy birthday and dug into the cake. Everyone loved it. Probably because the recipe was from the Edmonds Cookery Book (the quintessential guide to New Zealand Cuisine) as well as the authentic kiwi cooks making it.

If you aren’t a kiwi, and you don’t know Edmonds, click here.