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Our first fight

June 14, 2012

The morning started out pleasant enough.  Ana and I were loaded into the pram ready for our morning walk to Ana’s office.  I was sitting upright trying to getting used to being out of the infant sling for the first time.  And then I hit her.  It was by accident.  I still don’t have much control of my limbs.  But Ana thought it was a deliberate act of brotherly violence and she hit me back!  Mum had to mediate a peace agreement.  Fortunately, probably for Mum more than anyone, we were buddies again by the time we reached Ana’s office.

Sitting side by side in the pram for the first time.

By Rafa.

The Buzzy Bee bib

February 18, 2012

There was also a Buzzy Bee bib in the the package that arrived from New Zealand yesterday.  But someone has taken a liking to it.

The culprit.

By Rafa.