May 28, 2016

Look who turned up in the middle of last night! A complete surprise to all of us, except Papi – Mum KNEW he was up to SOMETHING! We’ve had a lovely morning. I made him a coffee and we read some cool books that Jennifer sent over from Australia. What a great start to a long weekend!

Girls’ day out

May 27, 2016

A student free school day was just the opportunity for a Girls’ day out! Yay! Mum and I went into town for lunch and a bit of shopping. We threw pennies into the wishing well and I bought two splat balls. The pink pig for me and the cool dude for Raff.


May 26, 2016

DSC_0919Rafa: If T-Rex was the King of the dinosaur’s, why did he eat other dinosaurs?

*     *    *

Rafa: Mama, I said leche…. please!!!…. Mama! 3…..2….don’t let me get to 1!

*   *    *

Rafa: What does quite mean, mom?

Mum: ‘quite’ is like, a little bit.

Rafa: You’re quite Mom!

The best thing about Mum’s work

May 25, 2016

is when she’s doing something with those Lotti Dotti ladies….. S’mores biscotti and leche for dessert – WAHOO!

PJ and pillow day

May 24, 2016

You’ve got to love a PJ day at school. We were allowed to bring a pillow too – but only up to 18 inches, which posed a dilemma.


My pillow is too big


Mum’s suggestion met the measurement requirements – but it’s too ugly.


Rafa’s suggestion was within the size limits, and cool. I just hope I don’t have to sleep on it!

As it turned out we used them to lie on the floor to watch a movie! School gets better and better every day.

Puss in boots

May 23, 2016

Today I just felt like being Puss in Boots. My new favorite super hero.

Road test

May 22, 2016

Mum’s got a new car.


We were thrilled to find wireless headphones on our seats and a drop down screen so we had to go SOMEWHERE to test out our in-ride entertainment.

First stop, hibachi for lunch!


and then onto the supermarket.

The verdict? We’ve never been so happy to go out for Sunday lunch and supermarket shopping!

It seemed like a good idea at the time

May 21, 2016

I spent ages cleaning up the playroom this afternoon – so to prevent Rafa getting in there and messing it up again I locked it.


Maybe I didn’t think this strategy through.

Lucy’s day at school

May 20, 2016

Now that we’re nearing the end of term we having lots of special school days. Earlier this week we all took our flashlights to school, turned off all the lights and read books by flashlight. It was so much fun. Today was even cooler, because Lucy could come to class!


My research projects

May 16, 2016

My research projects were about wolves and polar bears. I can tell you all about their habitat, what they eat and what makes them unique. I worked very hard on these. This is quality work.


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